Minutes of the LARC Board Meeting, 15 January 1996

- Club finances were discussed at length. Pud/W3DQI presented a summary of the 1995 Income and Expense to be published in the Feedback. The treasury had slightly more income than expense. Bob/WB3KXJ felt that the operating cost of the VEC will be substantially lower in the coming year, primarily due to the FCC's electronic filing program. Exams will continue to be free of charge for the time being.

- A fundraiser may be desirable; most ideas centered on the Main Street Festival. Mike/WB3HUP has an idea for custom computer software which will be brought before the membership.

- Emergency Preparedness was discussed including the possibility of a station at the Red Cross building. The Red Cross is offering a very small space, but there are many disadvantages. There is concern about the amount of use the station would actually get, and it's not in a good location for antennas, etc..

- A club QSL card is now needed. Using a Laurel postcard was suggested. A club member can likely design a card for printing, or a generic card could be used. The custom card is preferred.

- A Special Event Committee should be set up; very possibly in connection with Prince George's County's 300th anniversary.

-Respectfully submitted, John/N3GXA

The January Feedback

We've been collecting a lot of fine writing here; so much so that a short piece by Joe/NA3T will be on the February agenda. (Thanks for your patience). Because of some quick organizing by Jim/WI3N, we have a Northwest Notes article from Bill/KI7AO in which he reviews Log Windows software by AEA.

Kevin/W3DAD's column talks about SWR in his usual excellent style. Also, I've tried to report on the happenings of the Holiday Banquet and the LARC Board Meeting, for those that weren't there. I would like to say that I had never attended the Banquet before, and I found this to be a very nice evening. Thanks to all who made it work.

If you look at the January issue of QST magazine, on page 113, in "Section News", (the really small print), you will notice that the Feedback has been quoted. This may be the first time we've made it so big if you don't count numerous photos of Joe/NA3T and his pals. I thank alert reader and sometimes contributor Tim/N3TZH for bringing this to our attention.

You will notice that the back page of this issue is a poster advertizing the General class that will be taught this coming February. As always, feel free to post this item wherever you think would be appropriate. I usually put it up at work, but I guess my co-workers have become tired of asking me what it's about.

I'd like to thank in advance the crew of folks who have volunteered to put together and mail this issue while I'm out of town. Patty/N3OYN and I will be back in time for the meeting which should be very interesting.

-73 de John/N3GXA

President s ramblings

Happy New Year to all LARC members and friends. I m writing this on the evening of January 6, having watched lots and lots of snow being dumped on us and sitting here thinking about those words from our editor, John/N3GXA, who only yesterday confidently predicted a very light snowfall, if any. Noting that predictions can sometimes go awry, I will stick my neck out and predict that 1996 will be a very active and fun-filled year for LARC members. I am looking forward to participating with you in our usual public service activities, maybe some construction projects, Field Day, having some more interesting speakers on various aspects of our hobby, and maybe even trying a fundraiser. This huge snowstorm raises the possibility of a serious effort at linking up with an ARES operation, getting some training, and being ready for emergencies.

Many of us set some personal goals for the new year. For some it may be to get our code speed up for a license upgrade. For others it may be to try a new digital mode or set up a satellite station. Some of us may add to our DXCC or explore bands we haven t tried. It might be fun to let John/N3GXA know what you plan so he can put it in the Feedback (we won t hold you to it). Some of you may want to get together to try some new things. Drop him a note for the February issue. One of my goals, assuming you are still in favor of it, is to find us a permanent station site. A few of our members are retiring at an early age and have the opportunity to pursue some of their dreams. Good luck to them!

From what I ve heard, the holiday banquet this year could have been the best one yet. I think it was. Thanks to HD/N3LFL and Kathy for finding the place and fixing the menu and to Pud/W3DQI and Pat/WB3IGX for taking care of those pesky details concerned with money, name places, matching orders with people, etc. As always it was great to have our Atlantic Division Director for the ARRL, Hugh Turnbull/W3ABC and his wife Betty join us, and our Affiliated Club Coordinator, Tony/WA3YLO too. These folks spend more time than we realize carrying out their duties toward the advancement of ham radio and I d like to thank them from all of us. It is always a special treat to have them spend some of their valuable time with us. It was also a pleasure to have Mr Fred Frederick and his wife Betty as our guests. Fred has several times loaned us his boom truck for Field Day and Sweepstakes. John/N3GXA designed a nice certificate with a picture of the truck with a beam on its extended arm which we presented to Fred as a small token of our appreciation. The storyteller was certainly different and if any of you would like to have him at a party, I have his name and number. For door prizes this year HD donated two emergency flashers, Hugh donated an ARRL necktie, and Joe Mack/NA3T donated several disks of ham programs.

Our January meeting will feature Bob Bruninga/WB4APR who will be showing us his automatic packet reporting software. If you want to buy a copy I think it is about $20-25. Bob will probably update us on the satellite he will have launched soon that I believe is being built by students at the Naval Academy. The February meeting will feature Rich Boyd/KE3Q, who runs a local packet DX Cluster which is used by some of our members. He will be talking to us about the Potomac River Valley Radio Club. They do contesting and combine individual scores of people who like to contest. They also sponsor an international DX competition which features teams from around the world who come here and compete. If you have any particular topics you would like to see covered at a meeting or if you would like to give a talk on something you which interests you, please let me know.

We received a nice donation of $50 from John Willier/K3ESS when he upgraded to extra through our VE session. Speaking of money, don t forget that dues are due and the cost this year is $15 for the first family member and $7.50 for additional members. Just send your check to Pud/W3DQI. Also, don t forget to send him your ARRL renewal made payable to LARC. We get to keep $2 and every little bit helps.

This year I hope that many of you will volunteer to co-chair some of the public service events and other functions in which the club is involved. I will have a sign up sheet at the January meeting to pass around for the various positions. I hope that we will be able to put together a booklet that explains what happens with each event so that whoever chairs an event will not have to re-invent the wheel. This will definitely be my last year as president and I think some of the other officers would like a break too. Please be thinking about helping in some capacity as an officer when the nominating committee starts asking at the end of the summer.

I haven t talked to John/N3GXA about this, but it may be interesting to run profiles of some of the membership in each issue of the Feedback so we can get to know each other a little bit better. We ll try to figure a way to put a photograph in that is legible. So why don t you put together a couple paragraphs about yourself and give it to John at the January meeting. Along with a short biography you might also talk about what interests you about ham radio and any other hobbies you may have.

Look forward to a large turnout for the January meeting.

-73 de Jim/WI3N

Proceedings of the 1995 Holiday Banquet, Sunday 10 December

The event was held at the Timbuktu Restaurant in Hanover with the cocktail hour commencing at 4:00 pm and dinner being served at about 5:15 pm.

The dinner was very well attended with over 60 members and guests.

Some of the notable guests include Hugh Turnbull/W3ABC, ARRL Atlantic Division Director; Tony Young/WA3YLO, ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator; and Mr. Fred Frederick.

The club presented Mr. Frederick with a Certificate of Appreciation; a reduced facsimile of which is shown below: (Note that the original had a majestic color border as well as a small photograph which was provided by Mary Ellen/AA3KW).

After dinner, Mr. Bill Mayhew presented the audience with a story telling routine of professional caliber.

A good time was had by all.