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The Feedback - September 1996

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The September Feedback

-by N3GXA

You may have noticed that we added the LARC homepage web address to the front cover. I actually visited this site a few weeks ago, and I was very impressed. Although I am not very conversant in 'internet', I do think that Mark/N3NTQ has done a great job with it. There are links to other sites that may be of interest to hams such as the ARRL and the FCC. Also many Feedback articles are easily accessed. Be advised, however, that not all the Feedback is available, because much of the publication isn't on disk. A related item: new member Jerry/N3WSG has a homepage that he mentioned on the air:

As the subject of ERP (effective radiated power) came up at our last meeting, Kevin/W3DAD has written a technical summary on the measurement and meaning of ERP. You may want to loan a copy of this to your friends.

Pud/W3DQI has written a few important items into this issue. Best of all, he has included some packet traffic confirming the winners of the MD DC QSO party. Congratulations.

Last month we published, thanks to W3DQI, some e-mail addresses of members. Russ/N3AUQ, gave me his, over the air specially, so that it could be in the Feedback. I never even realized it was missing until he asked at the meeting what the reason was. The only answer I could think of: "I'm an idiot". And now, (having said that), "The Guide to Russ's E-mail, for Dummies": N3AUQ1@JUNO.COM. (ed. is as of 10/96)

The Calendar

Become an Officer

You may wish to consider becoming an officer of the club. It appears to me that it's not all that popular to do, nor is it that difficult. In looking at the bylaws, I note that the executive board is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Representative at large, and the VEC Director. The Board does influence the course the club follows, so if you feel that course should differ a little, it would be easy to gain a position of influence. (This all occurred to me when the question of charging for VE exams was debated earlier this year.)

Riverfest Recon

In the President's Ramblings, please note that there is a lot of things going on at the Riverfest on 12 October; (the Festival, a Special Event, and the SET). I suggest that some planning in the form of a recon mission would be good. With nice weather it could be a good day.

President's Ramblings

Well, there's all kinds of things going on in the next few weeks. Opportunities for everyone to participate. I think elsewhere you will find information regarding the Pallotti Run and the First Annual Riverfest. The Riverfest day will be particularly busy, as we will have a special event station that has to be manned, some positions around the festival that will need warm bodies, and in the midst of doing an event we've never done before, we will need some more warm bodies to participate in the Simulated Emergency Test. The idea is that we will position people at certain spots in the Laurel area to initiate traffic to test the capability of the system to hear us. More about this at the meeting. Wait a minute, I won't be at the meeting. I'll either be on my way to or in Niagara Falls, NY. Going to a wedding which will be held on a pig farm if the wx is ok or in a church at the Chataqua Institute if it rains (or snows). Pray for rain. So I'll miss the Pallotti Run, too.

The plan for the SET is to send a message from our special event station at the river to the Prince GeorgeŽs Emergency Operations Center, which will hopefully be relayed to the Montgomery County RACES group. The idea is to check our capability along the I-95 area. I think it would be good to have someone transmit from the hospital and the fire department. We should see if the hospital has an antenna installed with a feedline prior to the SET and if we can activate it. The fire department may be used as a shelter. I was told that part of the SET is to activate the Red Cross offices around the state. That was supposed to be discussed on the ARES net Tuesday nite, however, the only people who showed up were LARCers and we just basically made sure we could hit the 145.35 repeater. Bob/WB3KXJ has the thought that we should practice a local scenario in Laurel, which I think is a good idea. We should be ready in case we do get called to help out in the City. Big snow and shelters and 4 wheel drive communicators come to mind. I met with the Montg Co radio officers last Sunday and decided it would be good to try to forward traffic from Laurel to PG to MC. Maybe if we find out more about the Red Cross part we can do something from there. There is a 2M groundplane antenna on a telephone pole there that belongs to LARC. The coax is probably waterlogged, but it might be worthwhile to check it out before the SET.

The holiday banquet will be Sunday, Dec 8 at 4:30 pm at the Timbuktu Restaurant. I'm open to suggestions for the entertainment part of the program. If you've heard some musical group, soloist, or whatever, please let me know.

There were two companies who helped by donating services when we did the vinyl siding. One was Andy Parezo of Parezo Electric, 301-262-2813, in Bowie, who hooked up the electric box and cable. He has had experience working with hams. The other was D & K Contractors. Dave Rority loaned us his metal brake and took the trash to the dump gratis. He does roofing and siding. His number is 604-0134 here in Laurel.

73 de Jim/WI3N

LARC To The Rescue (Again) -by Pud/W3DQI

On Labor Day Saturday, around 10:00, I received a panic telephone call from the DC Roadrunners. They were sponsoring a 10K race on Sunday, in Beltsville, and no one had remembered to call the radio club (which actually meant the local CB club, for this particular race. Could we help out? (This is the same organization which puts on the February marathon, so we were known to them.) I said "Let me make a few phone calls, and I'll be back to you around noon", thinking that it's kinda late, on a holiday weekend, to be doing this kind of stuff.

Well, to my surprise and delight, we ended up with seven folks who said they could give about two hours between 1800-2000 to help out. And, the weather was good, and we all had a blast! In fact, the chairman (a new guy, obviously) was so impressed with our work that he asked us to help out with the 10/20 miler they run on the Saturday between Christmas and New Years. We, of course, said yes. So mark Dec 28 on your calendar, and we'll stay tuned.

The crew consisted of N3JMK/Matt at race HQ; N3LFL/HD at the start/finish line; and W3DQI/Pud, WB3KXJ/Bob, N3TZA/Joe, and WV3D/Kevin on the course. N3MJA/Dick was scheduled to be there, but had a family duty at the last minute.

In the THEY NEVER LEARN category, there was one runner (walker) who was adamant about finishing the race, and they had better be at the finish line when I get 8:30? He was told the course was closed, but he insisted. So, for all Road Runner races in the future, there will be a definite "end of the race" time. Seems to me the LARC instigated that one for the Marathon many years ago. Oh, well, slowly but surely, they learn!

We welcome two new members to the LARC:

Christmas Party

Christmas Party: December 8 at 4 PM, at the Timbuktu. Menu will be published in the next FEEDBACK.


The Pallotti Invitational Cross Country Race is still on for Saturday, Sept 28, with the first race scheduled for 0945. We would like to be on the course by 0900 for our radio checks, etc. Please let W3DQI know that you will be available, and if you can only work half a day, which half you have in mind. This is our premier event of the year, and also Pallotti's 25th anniversary race, so it is being booked as a BIGGEE by them. Those of you who have been there know what it's all about....those of you of haven't done it yet....get your feet wet. All I can say to whet your appetite is that several out-of-state coaches have said to LARC, after the event, that if it weren't for our presence "we probably wouldn't be here again"....!!! quite an endorsement!


Just received the following Packet traffic from WA3EOP and the Antietam Radio Association (the sponsors of the MDC QSO Party):

To      : W3DQI
Date    : 960916/2342
Subject : Looking good
Path    : N8YIB!N3QKP


Hi Pud  It appears that your club did win the club competition in this
year's MD DC QSO Party.  Here is a fun fact.  WA3NAN and the Columbia ARA
has won it two years straight each.  No Club has been able to win it 3 years
in a row.  At one time we thought NAN was unbeatable. Then K3VOA burst their
balloon and they gave up participating in the test.
     73   Page


I think they have thrown down the gauntlet to us, and several other clubs, to see if we can "three-peat", or were we a fluke. I told Page/WA3EOP we will consider the options next year....hihi

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