Volume 97 Issue 5 May 1997


Laurel Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

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Meetings and Nets:

1st, 3rd, 5th Wednesdays:

On-the-air Net at 8:30pm on 147.225+ PL156.7 (no tone required during nets)

2nd Wednesday:

Informal/Social Meeting at 7:30pm - Dinosaurs Restaurant; U.S. Route 1 at Contee Road, Laurel

4th Wednesday:

Monthly Meeting at 7:30pm - The Woman's Club of Laurel, 384 Main Street, Laurel


Informal Net/Rag-Chew from 10-11pm on 147.540

Laurel Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 3039

Laurel, MD 20709-3039

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, May 28, 1997

The Woman's Club of Laurel

384 Main Street

Laurel, Maryland

Topic: APRS with Bob Bruninga (WB4APR)



President: Mark Doore N3NTQ 301-572-2385

Vice-President: Roger Davis W3LM 301-776-6961

Secretary: John Menard N3GXA 301-725-1641

Treasurer: Patty Menard N3OYN 301-725-1641

Other LARC Positions and Contacts:

Immediate Past President: Jim Cross WI3N 301-725-6829

Membership: Patty Menard N3OYN 301-725-1641

FAR Representative: Joe Seaslely KA3UZI 301-725-5822

FAR Representative: Dan Blasberg KA8YPY 202-667-5780

Laurel VEC: Bob Busch WB3KXJ 301-317-7819

LARC VE Testing: John Creel WB3GXW 301-572-5124

AutoCall Reporter: Jim Cross WI3N 301-725-6829

Membership: Patty Menard N3OYN 301-725-1641

T-MARC/D-MARC Rep: Kevin Arber W3DAD 301-725-0038

Public Information Officer: Pud Reaver W3YD 301-498-6293

Youth Programs: Mark Doore N3NTQ 301-572-2385

Education and Training: Pud Reaver W3YD 301-498-6293

Technical Specialist: Kevin Arber W3DAD 301-725-0038

Emergency Operations: Mike Moseley WB3HUP 301-317-8546

Club Emergency Station: Mike Moseley WB3HUP 301-317-8546

Official Bulletin Station: Pud Reaver W3YD 301-498-6293

Official Relay Station: Pud Reaver W3YD 301-498-6293

LARC Special Interest Groups and Mentors:

Antennas Kevin Arber W3DAD 301-725-0038



Packet Radio

APRS Mark Doore N3NTQ 301-572-2385

QRP Scott Rosenfeld NF3I 301-549-1022

Repeaters John Creel WB3GXW 301-572-5124


ARRL Field Organization:

Atlantic Division Director: Kay Craige WT3P 610-993-9623

Atlantic Division Vice Director: Bernie Fuller N3EFN 814-763-1529

MD/DC Section Manager: Bill Howard WB3V 410-551-6775

Affiliated Club Coordinator: Tony Young WA3YLO 301-262-1917

The Feedback is published monthly as the newsletter of the Laurel Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Permission is granted to reprint from this publication provided credit is given.

Editor: John Menard, N3GXA Publisher: John Creel, WB3GXW

Items to be published in The Feedback should be submitted by the Monday preceding the third Wednesday of the month. Email submissions may be made to

The May Feedback

-by N3GXA

There will be one more Feedback issued before Field Day (28-29 June), so there isn't much to say on the subject here, but it is time to start thinking about the event. Think about possibly spending the whole night at the site. This means marking the calendar now.

On our recent past events, we should have reports from Roger/W3LM, and Pud/W3YD, on the Montpelier and Main Street Festivals, respectively.

If you missed the last meeting, (or even if you didn't), take note of the design I tried to illustrate of the N3DUE Attic Antenna.

In other news: If you have a hat on order, it is still in the works, but it looks like they will be coming, so please be patient. Also, the LARC super filing cabinet has been completed and the ancient archives are creeping out of the woodwork. It's interesting to see the things that were discussed 10 or 15 years ago. Much of them still go on today. For example, there was talk of a local repeater, and talk of emergency operations. Anyway, if you have old paperwork that you want to put in the cabinet, please let me know. The cabinet was donated by Pud/W3YD. It just needed some TLC and painting to get it into shape.

Membership Roster Corrections

WB4ARC Dan Clark Email:

N3DUE Alan Juers Email:

K1FSO Hank Moeller Name: Moeller (not Mueller)

K3GXF C.T. David Phone: 301-577-5796 Email: or

KA3HSC Kathy Juers Email:

N3NYM Paul Raeder Phone: 301-498-2143

Please Welcome and Add The Following New Members:

W3YOY Paul Kirchman 410-489-0059 900 West Friendship Rd Sykesville MD 21784


(pending) Jim Brent 301-871-5737 19 Long Green Court Silver Spring MD 20906-2044

June Birthdays

18 NZ3K Dorothy Duvall

23 N3PZQ Rick Rekus

28 K3MEG Philip McShane

first year: 1926, last year: 1963

Did we miss anyone?

Coming June 28-29 to a field near you!

Minutes of LARC Meeting - 23 April 1997

-Respectfully submitted, John/N3GXA

Some Upcoming LARC Events

Saturday, June 7 Laurel 5K Run/Walk

Spend an enjoyable morning on the historic and scenic streets of Laurel. Will need about 15 operators - 3 at 6am, 3 more at 6:30, 3 more at 7am, and the rest by 7:30. Mark/N3NTQ is the coordinator.

Sunday, June 15 Father's Day Special Event

Come check out WB3HUP's new shack and do some operating! Will be on from 1200Z to 2400Z (0800-2000EDT) on the standard frequencies, just above the lower edges of the general class phone band, and also on 147.540, and a few of the local repeaters, if not busy. Location is in the industrial park on Whiskey Bottom Road, ½ block East of Route 1 (look for the ATR sign and tower) - talk-in on 147.540.

Sat-Sun, June 28-29 Field Day

Don't miss this! It is a great opportunity to do some contesting, enjoy some fresh air, socialize with other hams, show off your latest (or not so latest) gear, try something new, and share the your hobby with the public.

Saturday, July 5 Laurel 4th of July Parade & Festivities

Role expanded this year - will need 3 or 4 operators from 8am to 10pm in addition to our normal parade entourage. Please try to spend a couple hours helping out. Mark/N3NTQ coordinating.

President's Ramblings

We seem to be in full swing with our public service activities. Once again we flawlessly supported the communications functions at the Montpelier Spring Festival and Main Street Festival. Some members got together last weekend to give Mike/WB3HUP a hand putting up the antennas on his new shack - Jim/WI3N and Tom/W0ZX were the tower guys, up there for several hours. Mike's shack is actually at his work QTH which makes it conducive for the club to use on weekends. Plan to come out for our Father's Day Special Event on June 15 to do some operating or just see what's happening.

I'll be helping some Cub Scouts build AM crystal radio kits on the evening of Friday, June 6, at the West Laurel Community Building. I could use a couple helpful hams/hands, so stop by about 7pm if you can.

The next public service event for us is the Laurel 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, June 7. The event starts at 8am, so will need folks (about 15) to show up between 6 and 7:30am. We are usually out of there by 10:30 or so.

Due to budget cuts, the Laurel 4th of July Committee has requested that LARC expand its communications role this year. In the past we have just provided support for the parade. Since the committee does not have the funds to rent commercial radios this year, they would like 3 to 4 hams at the lakefront from 8am to 10pm. Let me know if you can help out - should be able to split into 3 or 4 hour shifts so it won't be too much of a burden on anyone.

Field Day is just a month a way and I'm already getting calls and emails from non-hams interested in the event. Hopefully we can put on good showing to the public, and a get a good score for contest as well. I'm hoping that most of the members will stop by and participate - it is a great opportunity to share experiences and socialize. I plan to have a TV and VCR at the site and have about 8 video tapes from ARRL on various topics: Recruitment, SAREX, Disaster Preparedness/Public Service, Operating Modes and Interests, Antennas, DX Expeditions, Contesting, … Think about what you might have to show or demonstrate to non-hams. Lots of show-n-tell would be good - packet, atv, various types of keyers, unique antennas, etc. Jim/WI3N and Dan/KA8YPY will be the coordinators.

The club has just joined the ARRL Instructor/Dealer Program. This program allows the club to purchase training materials from ARRL at a reduced rate. We will now be able to sell , at a very reasonable price, Now You're Talking books and other materials at Field Day, other public events, and at our classes. The next class we will offer will be the Novice/Tech class, beginning September 22.

Got a call from neighbor Joe Tippett last week - he's cleaning out his shop and has electronics gear he would like to part with. I picked up a Heathkit HW-101 from him. Joe has meters, frequency counters, tubes, transistors, etc. He is going to give me detailed list of what he wants to sell and I'll pass the info along. If you can't wait, you can give Joe a call at 301-572-4323. If you call you might also prod him to get his amateur ticket. Joe helps out with the Pioneer Workshop which repairs Talking Book tape units. Let Joe know if you are interested in volunteering some time or know any young people that are serious about electronics - he is willing to do some training.

Thanks to Dan/KA8YPY for giving us background article on FAR. Until recently, I really thought that scholarships were the Foundation's main function. As you will read, FAR is much more than that and may be a resource for funding some projects that we may want to pursue.

Which brings me to the thought of setting up a short-term committee to put together a prioritized wish/want/need list for LARC. Purpose is to identify the equipment (and cost) that the club needs to perform its various duties, prioritize the list, and identify potential funding sources. For instance, the Women's Club has indicated that they would like to make a donation to the club if it is used for communications gear at the hospital. PG County has also shown an interest funding antennas at the hospital. FAR is also a resource, for projects benefiting the general amateur community. I'd like to get a couple of volunteers at this week's meeting. Input from all members is wanted and encouraged. The committee should bring a proposal to the June meeting for discussion and approval. This needs to be done rather quickly since we need to get some detailed information to the Women's Club in early July.

73, de Mark/N3NTQ


That's the report this year from the Montpelier Festival on Sunday, 4

May. A nice sunny day, but a bit on the cool and breezy side. Nevertheless, LARC'ers turned out with their HTs and fully charged batteries to assist the South Laurel Recreation Council Staff with coordinating the set-up and operation of the Festival activities.

HD/N3LFL got things going as the Net Control Station for the Festival operations. Roger/W3LM did the shadowing of Diane Sills, the Festival Director, and Dan/KA8YPY and Matt/N3JMK manned the main entrances at Montpelier Dr and Muirkirk Road, respectively. Phil/K3MEG, Pud/W3YD and Jim/WI3N, monitored the arrival and assignments of the vendors. Alan/N3DUE and Kathy/KA3HSC assisted at the pedestrian entrances as well as the vendor vehicle access road.

Others who operated in various assignments included: Mark/N3NTQ, Jerry/N3WSG, John/N3GXA, Patty/N3OYN, Michele/WK3X, Joe/N3TZA, Tim/N3TZH, Dick/N3MJA and Bob/WB3KXJ.

This year seemed rather "uneventful", as there were no major problems or incidents. Maybe it was the cooler weather, or just a smaller crowd this year, but whatever it was, it made for an easy day for the LARCers.

Although our communication support was conducted without any problems, it was very evident this year that the South Laurel Recreation Council Staff, as well as the Park and Planning personnel were duplicating our communication activities with their commercial HTs. As a result, we expect to have a review with the Festival Director and her staff about the apparent duplication of communications and the continued need for the LARC club support for the Festival.

As it turned out, this was a good day to try out the use of the 440 HTs for coordinating the vendors arrival. This seemed to work well and proved that there are times when the use of a secondary band is especially helpful at an event like this.

THANKS again, to all who helped and made this another successful public service event for the Laurel Amateur Radio Club.

Roger/W3LM, Montpelier



On Saturday, May 10, 21 LARCers appeared and supported the Laurel Main Street Festival, as we've done in the past. We were on the street at 0600, and started by erecting HD's 23 foot mast with the 2-meter and 440 antennas, which gave us great coverage over the entire area. Yes, this year we went hi-tech and used 440 for our parade support, and this completely eliminated the interference we used to experience when both parade and Main street frequencies were on two meters. About that time we also hit the pavement with three of our eventual six shadows, who helped the committee with their vendor-control duties.

We also used our newly purchased tent sides to shield us from the wind that was blowing straight down Main was pretty comfortable inside that tent for a change. The sides were purchased using some of the $1000.00 donation we received from the Main street Business community, in appreciation of our continuing support for the Festival.

One of the highlights of the day was a visit by Gov. Parris Glendening to our clubhouse, where he was given a short briefing on the APRS equipment that Mark/N3NTQ had set up. For those of you on the internet, there are several color photos of "the guv" with various club members, both in the shack and on Main Street. Check out the SCRAPBOOK on the LARC webpage.

Pud/W3YD, HD/N3LFL, and Roger/W3LM were mainstays at net control; Jim/WI3N honcho'd the parade set-up; Jerry/N3WSG, Phil/K3MEG, and Tim/N3TZH were kept busy early in the morning shadowing the Main Street organizers; there were others doing major communication tasks, also, but I'm writing this in haste, and memory is the second thing.....etc.

Howard/K3IOG and I want to thank everyone who supported us again this year. Without making any phonecalls wondering "if you're gonna be there" we had a great turnout, for what is certainly one of the premier events for our club.

A (hopefully) complete list of worker bees, in no particular order:

KA8YPY..Dan; N3OYN...Patty; WK3X...Michelle; N3LFL...HD; N3JMK...Matt; W3YD...Pud;

K3MEG...Phil; WI3N...Jim; N3TZA...Joe; N3NYM...Paul; N3SWG...Jerry; N3NTQ...Mark;

K3IOG...Howard; WB3HUP...Mike; KA3SHC...Kathy; N3TZH...Tim; WB3HZI...Henry; KD3ZS...Charles; N3DUE...Alan; N3MJA...Dick; WB3KXJ...Bob.

Under the heading IF NOTHING EXCITING HAPPENS, STAGE IT, we want to thank Mike/WB3HUP for causing a little ambulance responded to his location at Oliver's by going the wrong way up Main Street DURING THE PARADE, causing a fire truck to sideswipe a vendor's booth, and several marching units to become totally disorganized, one of which was equestrian...need I say more? Seriously: Mike, just recovering from a visit to the hospital, did too much shadowing, and ended up a little under the weather. Happy to report, though, that he got home, rested, and this story has a happy ending!


What is FAR?

FAR stands for the Foundation for Amateur Radio. It consists of trustees that are elected from each of the represented clubs in the MD/DC/VA area, that area stretches from Hagerstown in the north to Fredricksburg in the south, from Kent Island and beyond in the east to Culpepper in the west. As you can see, it encompasses quite a large geographical area, as well as quite a few clubs. Currently there approximately 65 clubs represented in FAR. There are still other clubs in the region that do not have a FAR representative.

Each club in FAR can have up to two representatives, of these representatives, there are several board positions that are nominated and elected in FAR. Those positions include; president, executive vice-president, four vice-presidents, recording secretary, and treasurer. In addition, there are several boards in FAR, currently those include; Auto Call Magazine, Widows assistance, Scholarship Committee, and FAR fest. Below is a list of the current office holders:

President: Chuck Sommer, N4OSD PG Co ARES/RACES

Executive Vise-President: Hugh Katz, KB3TB Voice of America ARC

Vice-Presidents: Hugh Turnbull, W3ABC ARRL Mid-Atlantic

John Chitwood, K3RGB

Tony Young, WA3YLO Anne Arundel ARC

Mary Morris, N4TCI Mt Vernon ARC

LARC Representatives: Joe Seasley,KA3UZI Primary

Dan Blasberg, KA8YPY Alternate


Scholarship Fund: Hugh Turnbull, W3ABC ARRL Mid-Atantic

Auto Call: Tony Young, WA3YLO Anne Arundel ARC

John Swafford, W4HU DOS-ARC & QCWA 91

Widows Assistance: MD- Tony Young, WA3YLO Anne Arundel ARC

VA/DC- John Swafford, W4HU DOS-ARC & QCWA 91

FAR fest: Chuck Sommer, N4OSD PG Co ARES/RACES

Now that you know what and who FAR is, what does it do? Far was established to provide funding to associated clubs for projects that benefit the entire amateur community. It also gives out between 30-40 scholarships per year. Contrary to popular belief, both of these projects are entirely separate from one another.

The scholarships are maintained and mainly supported by either interest on moneys set up for a specific scholarship or moneys provided by clubs and organizations for specific scholarships.

The fund for projects is entirely separate from the above and can be used for such things as reimbursements for institutes for the entire amateur community such as the NCAC institutes. This is also the fund that costs come out of to run the FAR fest (also known as the Gaithersburg Ham fest). Before a major project is approved and budgeted, there is a discussion amongst the representatives and then the representatives take the issue back to their respective clubs for input from the membership. The representatives then vote the way their club has indicated for that project.

As you can tell, FAR is not a club but an organization that represents and supports projects for you, the amateur. There is a great deal of potential in the amateur community if and when the funding is available. With FAR, the fundingmis available if the project benefits the entire community. So, if you have an idea that you think may benefit the amateur community, make a proposal and present it to Far.





The FAR Report

The Foundation for Amateur Radio met at 8:00 pm at the Lee Center in Alexandria, VA.

There were 19 representatives present representing 23 clubs. The

meeting was called to order by Chuck Sommer (N4OSD), the president of FAR.

The treasurers report was given by Charles Johnson.

FAR Fest: The next meeting of the FAR Fest committee will be Wednesday May 21 at 7:30 pm, at PG County EOC. The committee is looking for volunteers for all aspects of the hamfest.

Scholarship Committee: To date there have been 44 applications received, with more coming in everyday. The committee will be meeting during the third week in June to start looking over the applications.

Auto Call: There is still time to give a gift subscription as part of the Ethel Smith Memorial Drive. Those people will have their names printed in Auto Call as well as those of the recipient. Auto Call currently has approximately 1,600 subscribers at this time. During the Hagerstown hamfest, there were 12 new subscriptions and three patches sold. At the Kent Island hamfest, there were five new subscriptions and three patches sold.

Survivors Assistance: Tony Young (WA3YLO) reported that he will be investigating the estate of a silent key in Baltimore. The Ethel Smith Estate willed her gear to the scholarship fund and is expected to bring in approximately $2,000. John Swafford (W4HU) reported that most of the gear from the estate of N4CWA has been sold. All that remains are a Kenwood TR-7800 2 meter transceiver and two 13.8 vdc power supplies.

There was no ARRL report.

Old Business:

At the request of NCAC, the discussion of their proposal was deferred.

New Business:

There was a motion by Tony Young (WA3YLO) requesting financial

support up to $450 for refreshments at a July 12, 1997 picnic to include all MDC traffic handlers, Emergency Coordinators, Radio Officers, club presidents or their designated representatives and FAR trustees and their guests sponsored by the Maryland Emergency Phone Net and the Foundation for Amateur Radio. The picnic will be at the Anne Arundel ARC. The motion was approved.

The NCAC will hold another ARES Institute will hold another in a

series of seminars on May 24th at the Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. Representatives from the Hurricane Net, FEMA, the REd Cross and NDMS will be speaking. The fee is $10, for information, call (703)-359-3414 or visit their WEB Page at:

There was also a motion by NCAC for FAR funding for non-food items, not to exceed $250. The motion was approved.

There was an announcement that MADRAS will be operating K3VOA, on the Voice of America Headquarters Club Station at the foot of Capitol Hill on July 4th.

The was also an announcement that the Laurel Amateur Radio Club will be having a special event station during Father's Day using the call sign W3DAD. Also announced was the demonstration of APRS by Bob Bruniga at the next LARC meeting at 7:30 pm on Wednesday May 28th.

Dan Blasberg


LARC Alternate FAR Representative

The N3DUE Attic Multiband Dipole Antenna

-by N3GXA

When I attended the last meeting, I was of course impressed by the presentation of stealth antennas. Many of the ideas were in the previous issue to the Feedback as written by Kevin/W3DAD, but Alan/N3DUE brought in an attic antenna which I found interesting and drew a sketch of in my notebook. Anyway, I refurbished the sketch as shown here, and now would like to discuss a few of the points that Alan talked about.

Originally, the wooden perf-board was used only as a convenient way to hold the 2 whips to make a 10 meter dipole. The balun was also used as a convenience, because it offered a good way to attach coax cable. I thought that the whole thing was hung with twine, but the first rendition actually was just nailed to the rafters. It has occurred to me that the whole board could be mounted on a mast and rotator, however, Alan pointed out that this sort of arrangement wouldn't fit in a typical attic. But keep in mind that the direction can be changed by altering the orientation. This is not tough to do when the whole antenna is simply supported by cords in the rafters. By adding an antenna tuner, the thing can be used on all bands between 40m and 10m. They say that without the tuner, you can run 15m as the third harmonic of 40.

I think this is an interesting antenna to experiment with, and it has been found to be a good performer. And, after you move out of your townhouse, you can use the mobile whips for their intended purpose; your car.

Some Upcoming Hamfests and Conferences

June 1 - Ole Virginia Hams, Manassas, VA

Mary Lou Blasdell, KB4EFP, 9727 Loudoun Ave., Manassas, VA 20109,

703-369-2877 E-mail:,

June 12-14 - Radioactivity 97 - Best Western Maryland Inn, Laurel, MD

This is the 4th year, sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club (MAARC). $4 if register by

May24 or $8 at the event, $10 for each flea market space. Free coffee, doughnuts, and bagels and

cream cheese will be available each morning at the outdoor trader's mart where there is room for

over 300 vendors. There is a full agenda of presentations, workshops and distinguished speakers.

Bring a broken radio for the Radio Repair clinic. There are activities for the entire family. Starts

Thursday evening and ends Saturday afternoon with the auction. E-mail Brian Belanger

( or call (301) 258-0708.

June 15 - Fredrick ARC, Fredrick County Fairgrounds, Fredrick, MD

8am - 3pm, Talk-in 146.52x, K3ERM 146.64- & 448.425-, 146.73-. Admission: $5 donation,

Tailgating: $5 each + 1 admission, 6' Vendor Table Iinside): $10 each. Radios, Electronics,

Computers, Giant Outdoor Flea Market, Rain or Shine, Indoor Commercial Area. Advanced

reservation of INSIDE tables encouraged: PRINT your Name, Address, Company Name, # of

Tables requested and payment to: FARC, PO Box 1260, Fredrick, MD 21702-0260 before 5/16.

For more information call the SOUND SOURCE @ 301-695-2633 code: 6393.

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Upcoming Activities and Events


28 Wed 7:30pm LARC Monthly Meeting - "APRS" with WB4APR 384 Main Street

31-1 Fri-Sun Rochester Hamfest (ARRL Atlantic Division Convention) Rochester, NY


1 Sun Ole Virginia Hams Hamfest Manassas, VA

4 Wed 8:30pm LARC Net 147.225+

6 Fri 7:00pm Cub Scout Radio Build West Laurel Comm Bldg

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11 Wed 7:00pm LARC Social Meeting Dinosaurs Restaurant

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12-14 Thu-Sat Radioactivity 97 Laurel Best Western

15 Sun LARC Father's Day Special Event WB3HUP's Shack

15 Sun Fredrick ARC Hamfest Fredrick, MD

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21 Sat 9:00am Laurel VE Test Session 384 Main Street

21 Sat Hanover Area Hamming Assn. Hamfest Hanover, PA

22-29 Amateur Radio Week

28 Wed 7:30pm LARC Monthly Meeting 384 Main Street

28-29 Sat-Sun LARC Field Day Panther Field


2 Wed 8:30pm LARC Net 147.225+

5 Sat 8am-10pm Laurel 4th of July Parade & Festivities (check-in 147.540)

9 Wed 7:00pm LARC Social Meeting Dinosaurs Restaurant

9 Wed 8:00pm FAR Meeting Alexandria

16 Wed 8:30pm LARC Net 147.225+

19 Sat 9:00am Laurel VE Test Session 384 Main Street

23 Wed 7:30pm LARC Monthly Meeting 384 Main Street

27 Sun BRATS Hamfest (LARC to have table?) Timoniium

30 Wed 8:30pm LARC Net 147.225+


6 Wed 8:30pm LARC Net 147.225+

9-10 Sat-Sun MD/DC QSO Party (LARC won it last year)

13 Wed 7:00pm LARC Social Meeting Dinosaurs Restaurant

9 Wed 8:00pm FAR Meeting Takoma Park

16 Sat 9:00am Laurel VE Test Session 384 Main Street

20 Wed 8:30pm LARC Net 147.225+

27 Wed 7:30pm LARC Monthly Meeting 384 Main Street