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Laurel Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

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Topic: Field Day, 4th of July, …

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The Woman's Club of Laurel

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June 28-29



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FAR Representative: Dan Blasberg KA8YPY 202-667-5780

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Membership: Patty Menard N3OYN 301-725-1641

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Youth Programs: Mark Doore N3NTQ 301-572-2385

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Club Emergency Station: Mike Moseley WB3HUP 301-317-8546

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LARC Special Interest Groups and Mentors:

Antennas Kevin Arber W3DAD 301-725-0038



Packet Radio

APRS Mark Doore N3NTQ 301-572-2385

QRP Scott Rosenfeld NF3I 301-549-1022

Repeaters John Creel WB3GXW 301-572-5124


ARRL Field Organization:

Atlantic Division Director: Kay Craige WT3P 610-993-9623

Atlantic Division Vice Director: Bernie Fuller N3EFN 814-763-1529

MD/DC Section Manager: Bill Howard WB3V 410-551-6775

Affiliated Club Coordinator: Tony Young WA3YLO 301-262-1917

The Feedback is published monthly as the newsletter of the Laurel Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Permission is granted to reprint from this publication provided credit is given.

Editor: John Menard, N3GXA Publisher: John Creel, WB3GXW

Items to be published in The Feedback should be submitted by the Monday preceding the third Wednesday of the month. Email submissions may be made to

The June Feedback

-by N3GXA

I often start this way, but it always bears repeating: I hope you made it to the last meeting. I saw our first meeting with Bob/WB4APR presenting various items about APRS packet. It was on the lengthy side. The same could be said for the May meeting, but almost everything Bob talked about seemed new. In fact, I'm quite certain that he could fill up another meeting and still not go over old material. The man is an excellent speaker and has very interesting material to bring.

Our next meeting will probably be devoted to Field Day preparations. I've included some things to think about, and FD Chairman Jim/WI3N has sent a brief article. We are also hoping to have a map, so hang onto your trusty Feedback. And if you are already pretty sure of the site location, use the map as a means of inviting a friend.

Take note that recent new member Jim Brent has received his call sign: N3ZJG. Also, this month's new member: Marty Brown, KC3SI; 8507 Bovelder Drive, Laurel MD, 20708. e-mail:; telephone: (301)210-4804.

In researching the documents for my Field Day article I noticed a blurb in a 1992 Feedback welcoming 3 new members: Kevin/W3DAD, Roger/N3MIJ (now W3LM), and Dick/N3MJA. How time flies; and all have become very active in the club.

N3GXA's Field Day Notebook

In reviewing and remembering past LARC Field Day events, I think I generally recall how I felt after it was all over, and I never remember how many points we scored. Having said that, let me point out that one recent year, the club had the second highest class score in the MDC section. (The highest was the MADRAS club; and , yes, they were led by one of our own.)

Hopefully the WSSC patrol will remember to unlock the gate this year. If you take interest in solar power, be sure to come by. Satellite contact is usually made too.

I recall a very challenging FD which required major antenna support modifications, real brainstorming on how to set up the borrowed tent, (among other things), and at the end of the hot, tiring, setup day, a great pot luck picnic.

My favorite part of Field Day is the attempts at "Scientific Experimentation"; (I use the phrase generously). I'm a civil engineer by trade, and I enjoy discussing with my co-workers the likelihood for success of different ideas that almost always seem to involve antenna supports. The idea of supporting an enormous beam on the hitch of a half ton truck would seem even more stupendous if it weren't for the fact that there has also been a support for the same beam made entirely of an inflated polyethylene sheeting tent. That was in 1994. If you missed it, be advised that someday I intend to write an article for QST about it all, just haven't gotten around to it. Oh, and it seems mundane these days to use a blimp or balloon to fly a wire antenna, but it was pretty exciting one year when helium gas, (nonflammable), was superseded by hydrogen gas, (quite flammable), if you get my drift.

A couple of our slightly out-of-town members came by for some of the setup and the picnic with some evening operating later. They said that earlier in the day they went to the FD site of their local club in Northern Virginia, but the operation was somewhat serious, and no one even said hello. I guess that's what inspired them to come to the LARC operation.

Try not to miss Field Day, and make sure you keep in mind the social aspects of the day, especially with non-ham visitors coming to the site. There's been some great memories made in the past, and there's plenty more to come.

Minutes of LARC Meeting - 28 May 1997

-Respectfully submitted, John/N3GXA

Help Needed for July 5 Parade and Festivities

Laurel is counting on LARC to provide communications support for the Laurel Independence Day parade, festivities, and fireworks on Saturday, July 5. We need operators to take on 2-4 hour shifts throughout the day with the largest group needed from 10am-12noon for the parade. This is not difficult nor does it require an experience. Last year LARC was presented with the Harrison Beard award for the support we have provided over the years. Please let Mark/N3NTQ know if you can help out. Meet at Laurel Elementary (4th and Montgomery) at 10am for parade support. Other all communications support will be around the lake, net control will be at the boat house. Talk-in on 147.540.

President's Ramblings

It's time to wrap up the first half of the year with Field Day on June 28-29 and then the Laurel 4th of July Parade and Festivities on July 5. The next major activity after that is the MD/DC QSO Party on August 9-10. But not to worry, we will certainly have a few antenna parties to fill out the summer. It looks like we are making progress in getting PG County to fund the antennas at Laurel Regional Hospital - hopefully we will have them procured and installed by the time Labor Day rolls around. We also have a request from Pat/KK3F for some antenna assistance at his QTH. And while we are at it, I might as well put my name in the hat for some help putting up my 2m and 70cm Isopoles.

Some LARC members helped to introduce Amateur Radio to a group of eight Cub Scouts this month. Scott/NF3I brought his new mobile HF station to demonstrate to the 7 and 8 year olds - conditions were cooperative and several nice contacts were made, including one to the Netherlands. That same night I showed the lads an ARRL video tape that provided a good overview of ham radio. The following week the cubs assembled and tested AM crystal radio kits with some parental assistance (particularly the winding of the coils). With the expert assistance of Russ/N3AUQ, Joe/N3TZA, and Kevin/WV3D, all the radios were working by the end of the evening; and there was one report of hearing Africa! (imagination is a wonderful thing) I was pleasantly surprised at the genuine interest this young group displayed - several of the parents also commented that it was one of the better activities of the year. The following week, one of these aspiring future hams came to the meeting with a new Radio Shack Shortwave Receiver Kit all finished and ready to put on-the-air!

The Laurel 5k event went well although the LARC contingent was pretty smaill this year. Thanks to those members that did show up to help out - Scott/NF3I, Jerry/N3WSG, Paul/N3NYM, Dick/N3MJA, Jim/WI3N, and Mike/WB3HUP. The weather was wonderful and the event drew over 400 runners/walkers. I think most of us were out of there by 10am with another nice t-shirt to add to our collections.

I hope those that attended the May meeting enjoyed the talk on APRS by Bob Bruninga (WB4APR). Maybe it will spur some new interest in packet radio. I've setup a 'stand-alone tracker' that stays on in Ondine/N3SCU's van all the time - so I can watch her go around the Beltway to/from work. It even transmits her velocity - fortunately the police don't monitor APRS yet! Mike/WB3HUP set up an APRS digipeater at his place. I think it has been down since the Father's Day Special Event but hopefully we will get it back online for Field Day, and have it up most of the time after that. The digipeater should allow most members to experiment with APRS using very modest antennae.

I'd be interested to know who is on packet radio these days. Let me know if you have a packet radio address and I'll publish the list in one of the Feedbacks. You can email it to me at or give me a call at 301-572-2385. (I know, I should provide a packet address for you to respond to, right? I recently set myself up on packet on the Goddard BBS, but the address escapes me at the moment :>)

Dan/KA8YPY, Pud/W3YD, and I started on our grand plan and wish list this month. We did not make all the progress that we would have liked, but have a fairly good outline. This list will certainly be dynamic and should server stimulate some thought. Due to space limitations it has not been included in month's Feedback.

The BRATS have offered LARC a free space at their July 27 hamfest in Timonium. If you are interested in setting up and manning (personning?) the LARC tent please let me know ASAP so I can get the word to the BRATS.

The Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) is having the FarFest in Gaithersburg on September 7. They have come up with a new approach to getting volunteer help and supporting local clubs at the same time. If a club provides 6 volunteers for 4 hours then FAR will donate $125 to the club. They will donate an additional $25 for each volunteer over the first six. This is an excellent opportunity for LARC members to contribute to the success of the FarFest and benefit LARC.

I appoligize for the lack of graphics and photos in this month's Feedback. I should be able to free up some time to do more scanning in July or August.

73, de Mark/N3NTQ (see ya at FD)

WHISKEY - THREE - DAD (Special Event)

Whiskey-three-DAD may not be politically correct these days, but the Laurel Club had fun on Fathers Day putting that call on the air, and about 375 QSOs later we called it a very good day! At the new club station, the work QTH of Mike/WB3HUP, we had two HF and one two-meter station on the air, the at times the pile-ups, looking for us, were impressive. Operators of our station included W3DAD (naturally) with WB3HUP and W3YD starting early in the morning. Later we were relieved by W3LM, N3LFL, WI3N, KA8YPY, and had moral support from K3IOG, N3AUQ, N3TZA, KD3ZS, W0ZS.

A good time was had by all....and plans are already being made to use that QTH for LARC's participation in the MDC QSO party, and other major ARRL and CQ contests...we can make significant contributions to the PVRC scores. Serious (LARC) contesters are encouraged to watch this column for further the way, FIELD DAY is very good training (ear and mouth) for contest performance. Come on by FIELD DAY, and let a trained professional show you the ropes!

The Drake TR270

Kevin Arber, W3DAD

At the Dayton Hamvention I had an opportunity to see the Drake TR270 transceiver. The TR270 is a 2 Meter FM transceiver with 70 centimeter receive capability. What struck me as unique was that Drake had incorporated a TNC (optional) within the receiver as an add-on board. The TNC270 features both 1200 and 9600 baud modems. The 9600 baud modem is G3RUH compatible for use on the JD mode satellites. In addition, a DEMOD270 demodulator board can also be installed which allows demodulation of weather satell ite transmissions, ACARS, Morse Code and RTTY. Software is included with both the TNC270 and the DEMODULATOR270. An RS232 computer interface is provided via a DB9 connector on the rear panel. An external audio input is provided for connection to other radios.

The radio appeared to be well constructed, enclosed in a black case with speaker on the front panel. Operating features are many, however the front panel is uncomplicated, having only the usual keypad, up/down buttons, tuning and volume/squelch knobs and a display. Power output is adjustable to 1/10/25 Watts of 5 kHz peak FM with over-temperature and high VSWR protection. The 2 Meter receiver covers 144-148 MHz with a first and second IF of 10.7 MHz and 455 kHz respectively. Sensitivity is stated as bet ter than .18 microvolts for 12 dB SINAD. The wide coverage receiver covers 136-174 MHz and 420-470 MHz with IF frequencies of 18 MHz and 455 kHz respectively. Sensitivity is stated as better than .25 microvolts for 12 dB SINAD; selectivity is 15 kHz or 40 kHz selectable. Two antenna inputs are provided.

The radio features 400 memory channels broken down as 100 each receiver, 100 satellite and 100 weather satellite. Both receivers have dual VFOs and operate independently with dual volume and squelch controls. Multiple scan functions are available in either memory or VFO modes and each receiver features independent scanning and priority watch modes.

The radio is powered by an internal AC power supply or from the an external 13.6 VDC 8 Ampere power supply. A preamp power output of 13.6 VDC at 100 ma is provided on the rear panel.

For a person looking for a rig to anchor their FM operation, the TR270 and associated demodulators provide an attractive alternative to the separate transceiver and TNC configuration. Additional information is available from R.L. Drake, 513-746-4556,

The FAR Report

The meeting was brought to order Wednesday June 11, at 8:04 p.m. at the HMS Richards building in Takoma Park, Maryland by the FAR President.

There were 14 trustees representing 15 clubs present. Each person introduced his/herself and if their club was having field day and where.

After noting corrections to the May minutes, they were approved.

The treasurer's report was given by Charles Johnson (N3HFO) and accepted.

Auto Call - Tony Young (WA3YLO) reported that their had been a problem with John Queen's Internet Service Provider (ISP), America-On-Line, during the past month but all the problems have been resolved.

Millie and Ed Mumford (N3KGO and N3IRO, respectively) reported that they have been receiving complaints about errors in the Auto-Call calendar, FARFest not being listed and some articles not being published. Tony Young,

FAR's Auto-Call liaison, will work with editor John Queen on correcting these problems.

Tony also reported that Auto-Call will be publishing the names of those who responded to the Ethel Smith Memorial Subscription Drive.

Survivor's Assistance - Tony Young (WA3YLO) reported that he picked up a Kenwood TS-180 with matching tuner and power supply in Baltimore. He also has a Hammarlund HQ-140-X receiver and some miscellaneous equipment for sale. Ther was no report for Virginia/DC.

Scholarship Committee - Hugh Turnbull (W3ABC) had to leave early, but Chuck Sommer (N4OSD) reported that Hugh has received 128 applications for the 60 scholarships offered.

ARRL Report -- Since Hugh Turnbull left early, there was no ARRL report.

FARFest (Gaithersburg Hamfest) - Chuck Sommer (N4OSD) advised that the next meeting of the FARFest committee will be on Wednesday June 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Prince George's County EOC. The EOC is

located 1-1/4 miles inside the Beltway and north of Central Avenue.


Chuck Sommer reported that a new proposal was received from the National Capital ARES Council (NCAC) and it will be reviewed by the Board before submission to the FAR Trustees.

Jeanne Rexroad (N4GZI) and Lenny Schachter (N3RPQ) reported that the ARES Institute seminar, which was held on the Memorial Day weekend, was a success with 35 attendees.

The MEPN/FAR picnic scheduled for Saturday, July 19 was discussed. Announcements are/will be mailed out and everything is on schedule.


Turnout at the FARFest committee meetings has been sparse. There was a lengthy and heated discussion about proposed pricing changes for FARFest. The Trustees decided that prices will remain the same as last year.

The 1997 FARFest will open gates at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 6 for general admission and tailgaters. The commercial buildings will open to the general public at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 7, however.

A general admission ticket will be good for both days.

A letter will be sent out to all FAR clubs and their trustees soliciting help in covering the gates. Conditional reimbursement to clubs for their help was approved.


Ed and Mille Mumford (N3KGO and N3IRO, respectively) announced the Frederick Hamfest to be held on Father's Day.

The Mumford's also announced the Hanover Area Hamming Association (HAHA) Hamfest on Saturday, June 21.

Dan Blasberg (KA8YPY) announced that the Laurel Amateur Radio Club will be operating special event station W3DAD on Father's Day.

Lenny Schachter (N3RPQ) announced that MADRAS will be operating the Voice of America Headquarters Amateur Radio Club station (K3VOA) located at the foot of Capitol Hill on July 4. This will be in celebration of the country's 221st birthday and the 55th anniversary of the Voice of America.

Al Brown (WA3FYZ) announced the Maryland-DC QSO Party, sponsored by the Antietam Radio Association, on August 9 and 10.

A motion to adjourn was entertained at 9:03 p.m.

The next meeting will be held in Virginia at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday July 9.

Dan Blasberg


Alternate FAR Representative

Cycle Across Maryland

July 26-31 are the dates for the Cycle Across Maryland which starts in Bowie, MD and follows a course through areas of Southern Maryland, back through Anne Arundel, Prince George's and Howard Counties, finally finishing at Largo in PG County.

Amateur Radio will again provide health and safety support communications for the event. Communication activities include net control operators, support for rest stops, SAG vehicles and operation of "message centers" where participants can send messages to friends and family via the National Traffic System.

If you are available for the entire six days of the event, our understanding is that meals and lodging will be provided. If you are only available for one or two days, you can still be a great help, and meals will be provided for the period you will be working the event.

Since the communications requires coverage of relatively large areas of the state, often covering several counties in one day, it is important for participants to have at least a 25-watt mobile with a gain antenna. More power and portable antennas that can be gotten into the air are even better.

Because the operation covers a wide area, this will be an excellent opportunity to test out your latest portable setup and other capabilities, as well as practice NTS message handling techniques.

If you are available to help out on this interesting event, for one day or more, please contact Ken Pease, N3JEY at (301) 762-8468.

Or you can email and we will see that your interest gets relayed to Ken. If you use email, please tell us what days you are available, what kind of equipment you can bring, and your telephone number.


The ARRL Letter Vol. 16, No. 22, May 30, 1997

We said it couldn't be done, and so naturally, Congress went and did it! In one of the more promising--not to mention surprising--developments so far in the 105th Congress, the Senate has passed S 544, and the House has passed a companion bill, HR 911, each described as "The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997." The Senate is expected to adopt the House version of the bill, HR 911, and send it along to the President for signature.

As a result, volunteers of nonprofit organizations and government entities will, in the words of the House Judiciary Committee report on the bill, "generally be relieved of liability for harmcaused if . . . the volunteer was acting within the scope of the volunteer's responsibilities."

This will be good news to Volunteer Examiners, Official Observers, ARES and RACES volunteers and others working under the sponsorship of a qualifying non-profit organization, all of whom appear to be covered by HR 911. In non-legalese, this means that you aren't as likely to be sued as a result of harm unintentionally caused to someone else, if your actions were part of your responsibilities as a volunteer working on behalf of a government agency or a non-profit organization.

However, until the bill is signed by the President and its various loopholes pass the scrutiny of the legal community, volunteers shouldn't assume they'll automatically be covered. It appears, for example, that radio amateurs who are not working under the sponsorship of a qualifying organization and who volunteer to provide communications during a marathon, bicycle race or other public service or public safety event might not be covered. The same exclusion might apply to frequency coordinators and certain others who--though they are volunteers--aren't participating on behalf of a non-profit entity. While these individuals could affiliate with government or non-profit entities to do their volunteer jobs, the law will clearly protect only those who are "volunteers of a non-profit organization or government entity." The definition is clear with respect to government entities, but it is less clear with respect to "non-profit organizations." These can be Section 501(c)(3) entities, that is, an organization holding a certain tax exemption from the IRS. They also include, however, those organizations which may not be tax-exempt, but which are organized and conducted for public benefit and operated primarily for charitable, civic, educational, religious, welfare, or health purposes.

The growing reluctance of private citizens to volunteer for fear of lawsuits triggered interest in this legislation. While some states have enacted volunteer protection statutes, the inconsistency among states has resulted in what the Judiciary Committee calls a "hodgepodge." As a result, the League has promoted liability legislation in Congress for several years, initially to protect VEs and Amateur Auxiliary members.

The new legislation requires that the volunteer be licensed, certified or authorized, "if appropriate or required" by state or local authorities. It does not provide protection where the harm was caused by willful or criminal misconduct, gross negligence, reckless misconduct, or conscious, flagrant indifference to rights or safety of the individual(s) harmed by the volunteer. The House version of the legislation would not cover any volunteer who inadvertently caused harm to another person while operating a motor vehicle that requires an operator license or insurance. Also, certain limitations in existing state volunteer liability laws are not preempted by the Federal protection under the bill.

ARRL's General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, is studying copies of the House and Senate bills to determine the impact on Amateur Radio volunteers of the new legislation.

--SteveMansfield, N1MZA

The ARRL Letter is published by the American Radio Relay League, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111; tel 860-594-0200; fax 860-594-0259. Rodney J. Stafford, KB6ZV, President; David Sumner, K1ZZ, Executive Vice President.

1997 ARRL EAD Library Tape Series

The following tapes will available for viewing at Field Day, and for check-out afterwards:

Volume 1: Recruitment

New World Of Amateur Radio, Ham Radio In Space, Your Headquarters At Work, ARRL PSAs, Sharing Amateur Radio with Handi-Hams

Volume 2: Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX)

Ham Radio In Space, SAREX Space Shuttle Mission STS-51F, SAREX Space Shuttle Mission STS-58

Volume 3: Disaster Preparedness/Public Service

When Disaster Strikes, At Any Moment, Field Day Fever, Disaster Drill: The Big One, Last Voice From Kuwait

Volume 4: Operating Modes & Interests

What Are Those Crazy Sounding Signals Saying?, This Is Amateur Television!, Packet Radio, AMSAT Phase 3D

Volume 5: Educational

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Antennas, Spark Gap

Volume 6: DXpeditions

VP8SSI: The South Sandwich Saga, Journey To Peter I Island: Close To The Edge

Volume 7: More DXpeditions & Contest Operating

Fastnet Force Seven, The AH1A Saga: Howland Island DXpedition

Volume 8: Contesting

Winning On The Hill, All China Amateur Radio Direction Finding Competition

Volume 9: Amateur Radio History

1935 Tour of ARRL HQ, The Trans-AtlanticTests and Station, An American Inventor--Major Edwin Howard Armstrong

July Birthdays

3 W3ICS Ed Mueller

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12 K3GXF C T David

13 N3CLL Jim Lehnert

14 K1FSO Hank Moeller

23 KA3UZI Joe Seasely

25 KA3KID Larry Pickens

first year: 1923, last year: 1963

Did we miss anyone?

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Just complete the ARRL renewal form and send with check made out to LARC to:

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Please don't want until the last notice

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New ARRL memberships can also be

done through the club.

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22-29 Amateur Radio Week

28 Wed 7:30pm LARC Monthly Meeting 384 Main Street

28-29 Sat-Sun LARC Field Day Panther Field


2 Wed 8:30pm LARC Net 147.225+

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Some Upcoming Hamfests and Conferences


July 20 - Mid-Atlantic DX & Repeater Assn - Brunswick, MD

MADRA SweatFest '97, 230 North Potomac St., Suite #2B, Hagerstown, MD 21740, 301-416-8447 (Box #109)


July 27 - Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society (BRATS), Timonium Fairgrounds

York Road off I-695, I-83, Accessible to the handicapped, Children under 12 Free. Free VE Exams at 9am only, check in at

8:30am, pre-registration required: 410-467-4634. Buildings open at 8am, Tables Available. For information, table reservations,

and VE exam pre-registration contact BRATS, PO Box 5915, Baltimore MD 21282, 410-467-4634 voice or fax,,

September 7 - F.A.R Fest '97, Montgomery County Agricultural Center (Fairgrounds), Gaithersburg, MD

Gates open 6am, Commercial Buildings open 8am, Admission: $5 Adults, Children under 12 Free. Talk-in 146.955-, 443.400+,

146.520. Tailgate $15 per 10 ft space plus one admission ticket. Special Drawing 11:45am, picture id required to claim prize.

All requests for advance table and space reservations, contact: Mary Morris/N4TCI,, 703-971-9305

Field Day, June 28-29

Ahhhh, Field Day. The smell of new mown grass, the sounds of a bunch of guys and gals struggling to put together a big beam while trying not to lose the nuts and bolts in the new mown grass. More grunts and groans while putting up tents, portable 40 foot antenna poles, setting up equipment. All for the expressed purpose of stirring up some electromagnetic fields in an attempt to say a few words to as many people all over this country as we can.

This is one event that is shared by hams throughout the country. It's both a contest and a chance to sharpen our skills for emergency operation. Our Field Day will begin with set up at the Rocky Gorge athletic field at 10 am Saturday morning, June 28. We'll begin operating at 2:00 that afternoon and probably tear down the equipment around 3:00 pm on Sunday. There will be two HF transceivers that will need an operator and someone to log throughout the day and night. We'll also have some packet set up to send traffic and an APRS station to demonstrate that aspect of the hobby. We'll have a VHF/UHF station operating also. We'll try to work the RS-12/13 satellite which gets us 100 points if we do.

All of you club members and your friends and family are encouraged to come by to see what we do and to help operate the stations. At 6:00 pm, we will take a break from operating to enjoy a pot luck

meal. This has been a tradition for many years. We will have some hot dogs and burgers to grill. Hopefully many of you will bring a favorite dish or dessert to share. I also recommend including some folding lawn chairs. Its a great time to visit with old friends and make some new ones. While we do try to rack up as many points as possible, we work hard at enjoying ourselves. The dinner is a family affair, so don't be shy about bringing the spouse and kids. If you don't have any, you can probably rent some.

I look forward to seeing lots of LARCers turn out for our main club event of the year.

73 de Jim/WI3N

Field Day 1997

Sat 6/28

10am setup

2pm key down

6pm pot luck dinner

Sun 6/29

3pm tear down

and lots of other stuff!

Bring some show-n-tell, a tent, or just yourself!